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Entry Controlled Loops include for loops and while loops. Exit controlled loops are exemplified by the do while loop. When a test condition must be checked before the loop body can be executed, Entry Controlled Loops are employed.

Entry controlled loops include the for, foreach, and while loops, whereas exit controlled loops include the do-while loop.

Entry loops, such as For Loop and While Loop, are entry controlled loops. Exit Controlled Loops: The test condition is tested or evaluated at the end of the loop body in this sort of loop. As a result, regardless of whether the test condition is true or false, the loop body will execute at least once. The exit controlled loop is the do – while loop.

Loops in Visual Basic are divided into three categories: for... next loops, do loops, and while loops.

Unlock the Complete Solution (Free) Loop with Entry Control. A loop in which the test condition is tested first and then the loop body is run is known as an entry controlled loop. The loop body will not be run if the test condition is false. For Loop and While Loop are two examples of entry controlled loops.

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