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The term "nested structure" refers to a structure that is contained within another structure. Change all the involved structural variables (from outermost to innermost) with the member using the dot operator to reach the innermost member in a nested structure.

How do you create a nested structure? You can build nested structure arrays using direct assignment statements. These statements add a second element to the array: A(2). data = [9 3 2; 7 6 5]; A(2).

STRUCTURE. A collection of elements with the same data type is referred to as an array. A collection of items of heterogeneous data types is referred to as a structure. Subscripts or "[]" (square bracket) are used to access elements in an array.

In C, a nested structure is a structure within a structure. As we define structure members inside a structure, one structure can be declared inside another structure. To access the data, the structure variables might be either conventional structure variables or pointer variables. This section will teach you the ideas listed below.

An array of structures is just an array with the same type of structure as each element. These arrays (also known as structural arrays) use the same reference and subscripting rules as basic arrays.

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