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In C programming, it is permissible for a function to call itself. A recursive function is one that repeatedly invokes itself, either directly or indirectly, until a stated condition is met. Self-calling expressions define a recursive function, which is defined in terms of itself.

The factorial is a simple recursive function in which an integer is multiplied by itself while being incrementally reduced. Many additional self-referencing functions in a loop, such as n = n + 1 given an operational range, could be dubbed recursive functions.

Recursion is the process of a function calling itself an arbitrary number of times. A recursive call of the function is when a programme allows the user to call a function inside another function recursively.

A recursive function is a routine that calls itself directly or indirectly in programming language. Certain problems can be solved quickly using the recursive algorithm.

When a function in C calls a copy of itself, this is referred to as recursion. To put it another way, when a function calls itself, this is referred to as recursion. The function is also referred to as a recursive function. When employing recursion in your software, you must exercise greater caution.

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