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The if-else statement "selects the execution of the statements based on the evaluation of the expression in if statements," whereas the switch statement "selects the execution of the statements based on the evaluation of the expression in switch statements." "Selects the execution of the statement frequently according to a keyboard command," according to the switch statements.

A switch statement can be used inside another switch statement. In Java, this is referred to as nested switch-case statements. Any case of an outer switch will include the inner switch statement. Only if the outer switch statement condition is true will the inside switch statement be executed.

A'switch' statement allows a variable to be compared against a list of values for equality. One 'if' or'else if' statement can be used inside another 'if' or'else if' statement (s). One'switch' statement can be used inside another'switch' statement (s).

An if statement that is nested within another if statement is known as a nested if. When we use if else if then, an if statement is utilised within the else part of another if statement. This is known as nested if.

It isn't always essential. Nesting loops is frequently less expensive if you can avoid it. However, increasing code complexity is considerably worse, so if a nested loop is the best option, that's wonderful. If you have more than three nested loops, you should aim to make it recursive.

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