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Header files, primary functions, and programme code make up the C basic syntax. The most basic structure in a C programme is this. The main function is required in a C programme since the program's execution begins on this line. The programme execution will not begin without the main function.

For C, there are a few basic syntactic rules. Program Because C is a case-sensitive language, all C commands must be typed in lower case letters. A semicolon must be used at the end of every C statement. In C, whitespace is used to denote blanks and tabs. Between keywords and identifiers, whitespace is required.

In C, a main keyword or function is a predefined keyword or function. It is the first function in any C programme and is responsible for initiating and terminating the program's execution. It's a special function that always starts executing code from the'main' function, with the return data type of 'int' or 'void'.

A function - C's independent subroutine - is the most basic unit of a C programme. The structural component of C simplifies programming and upkeep.

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