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Getchar, putchar, puts, scanf, and printf are the basic input/output routines. Getchar and putchar are the first two functions that are used to transfer single characters.

  • Many standard library functions for file input and output are available in the C programming language.
  • <stdio contains the majority of the C file input/output functions.
  • The header <stdio.h> defines the following constants:
  • The <stdio.h> header defines the following variables:
  • The <stdio defines data types.

Open, shut, read, write, and append are all input/output operations that deal with ordinary disc or tape files. In contrast to low-level system I/O such working with virtual memory pages or OS tables of contents, the word would be used to refer to ordinary file operations.

The following built-in input functions are available in the C programming language. getchar() getch() getf() getf() getf() getf() getf() getf() getf() ()

Scanf is a function in the C programming language that reads formatted data from stdin (the standard input stream, which is normally the keyboard unless redirected) and writes the results into the arguments.

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