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Data is processed and used by programmes. Any data held by the software is lost when it stops or is closed. Data can be saved in a file and accessed at a later time to prevent loss.

There are two categories of files to be aware of while working with files: Files in text format. Binary files are files that are in binary format.

In the c programming language, the following operations are performed on files... A file is being created (or) opened. Data is read from a file. Putting information into a file. A file is being closed.

The following are some of the reasons behind the popularity of file management: Reusability: It aids in the preservation of data or information generated by the programme after it has been run. Large storage capacity: When you use files, you won't have to worry about saving data in bulk.

Read-only is a file system permission that permits a user to only read or copy data, but not to add new data or alter it. To avoid mistakenly modifying the contents of a file, folder, or full drive, it is possible to set it as read-only.

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