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Although C does not provide direct support for error management (or exception handling), there are techniques to do it in the language. A programmer must first and foremost avoid errors by testing function return values.... are verified to see if there is an error.

There are mainly five types of errors exist in C programming:

  • Syntax error.
  • Run-time error.
  • Linker error.
  • Logical error.
  • Semantic error.

Syntax errors are errors that occur when you break the rules of writing C/C++ syntax. Before the code can be compiled, this compiler error indicates that something needs to be fixed. All of these problems are known as compile-time errors since they are identified by the compiler.

The following strategies can be used by a competent statistical programmer to discover and eradicate logical errors:

  • Simple scenarios for which the program's result is known should be used to test the program.
  • Break the software down into a series of fundamental steps and test each one separately.

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