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We can create multiple pointer variables that point to distinct values, or we can create a single integer array of pointers that points to all of the values.

The address of any particular array is stored in a pointer created by the user. A user builds a pointer array, which is just an array of numerous pointer variables. An array pointer is another name for it. Pointer arrays are another name for these.

The initializer is a = (equal sign) followed by the expression that represents the pointer's address. The address of the first element of an array can be assigned to a pointer by giving the array's name.

An array of pointers is an indexed set of variables in computer programming, where the variables are pointers (references to memory locations).... A pointer array in C that points each pointer in one array to an integer in another array is shown below. Dereferencing the references prints the value of each integer.

An array of pointers to strings is a collection of character pointers, each of which points to the string's initial character or base address. Let's look at how to declare and initialise an array of string references.

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