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The main difference between printf and scanf is that in printf(), variable values are passed, whereas in scanf(), variable addresses are passed.

Scaff is a function in the C programming language that reads formatted data from stdin (the standard input stream, which is normally the keyboard unless redirected) and writes the results into the arguments.

printf() - printf() returns the amount of characters sent to the output successfully. scanf() reports the number of data items that were successfully entered. It is used to read data (simile characters, numerical values, and strings) from a conventional input device into the computer.

printf() returns the number of characters that were successfully written to the output. scanf() - This function returns the number of correctly inserted data elements. It is used to read data from a conventional input device into the computer (simile characters, numerical values, and strings).

printf() is a built-in library function in C that is included by default in the C library. The "stdio. h" header file declares this function and defines related macros. On the output screen, the printf() method prints "character, string, float, integer, octal, and hexadecimal values."

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