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There are 9 implicit objects in jsp. The web container creates these objects, which are accessible to all jsp pages. Out, request, config, session, application, and other implicit objects are available.

The Implicit Objects in JSP will be discussed in this chapter. These Objects are Java objects that the JSP Container makes available to developers in each page, and the developer can call them without having to declare them explicitly. Pre-defined variables are another name for JSP Implicit Objects.

  • This object is capable of getting, setting, and removing characteristics.
  • It comprises directive information, buffer information, and the URL for the error page.
  • There are four scopes: page, request, session, and application.
  • This applies to both the request and the answer.

servlet. ServletContext is an implementation that is used in JSP to obtain context information and attributes. It can be used to get the RequestDispatcher object in JSP, which can then be used to send the request to another resource or incorporate the response from another resource in the JSP.

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