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The JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library, or JSTL for short, is a collection of proprietary JSP tag libraries that provide common Web development capabilities.

  • Support for automatic JavaBean introspection.
  • Humans can read it more easily.
  • Computers will be able to read it more easily.
  • Formatting and I18N Support Have Been Standardized.

You may even create your own tags with JSP (you must write the code that actually implement the logic of those tags in Java). Sun (now Oracle) provides JSTL as a standard tag library for performing common operations (such as looping, formatting, etc.).

JSTL is mostly used for tags, which are only utilised in JSP. This is not required during compilation; javac will ignore JSP files during compiling. However, while the JSP is running, it will be transformed to a Java file and compiled before being used by the container. This necessitates the use of JSTL.

The JavaServer Pages Tag Library (JSTL) is a collection of tags that may be used to do typical tasks like looping and conditional formatting.

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