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A Servlet filter is a piece of software that can intercept HTTP requests aimed at your website. As shown in the picture below, a servlet filter can intercept requests for servlets, JSPs, HTML files, and other static content. In a Java Web Application, a Servlet Filter.

We have a servlet filter for this reason. Servlet Filters are pluggable Java components that can be used to intercept and process requests before they are transmitted to servlets, as well as to intercept and process responses after the servlet code has completed and before the container delivers the response back to the client.

Filters are used to log and block requests and responses. It sends the request and response in a specific format. The Servlet is used to control the request and conduct actions on it.

The Servlet and JSP are two extremely simple methods for handling incoming requests and developing HTML for display in a client's web browser, respectively. The Servlet and JSP API are the foundation for all existing Java-based web frameworks.

Classes and interfaces from two packages are used by servlets: javax. servlet and javax. servlet. http.

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