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When needed, a programme that adds new capabilities. A helper application for a Web browser, for example, is a standalone software that runs when the browser determines that its functions are needed. Browser extensions cannot run on their own, whereas helper programmes can.

These are objects that "sit on the side" of the main body of code, performing some of the object's duties. They "assist" the object in doing its function. Many people, for example, have a Closer assistance object. This will accept a variety of closeable objects, such as java.

The Helper Class is a Java class that contains basic error handling, as well as some useful functions. The Helper class contains functions that aid in the program's execution. This class aims to provide quick implementation of basic functions so that programmers do not have to do it again.

A helper method refers to a method that is frequently used by other methods or components of a software. Helper methods are often not overly complicated, and they aid in the reduction of code for frequently performed simple tasks. By putting the logic in one location, helper methods can also help to eliminate code errors.

A helper class is used in object-oriented programming to assist in delivering functionality that isn't the core aim of the application or class in which it is utilised. A helper object is an instance of a helper class (for example, in the delegation pattern).

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