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A field is also known as an attribute. It's usually a public constant or variable that can be immediately accessed. In this situation, the array is actually an object in Java, and you're accessing the public constant value that indicates the array's length.

An attribute is a property or a characteristic in general. Your hair's colour, for example, is a feature. An attribute is a changeable property or characteristic of some component of a programme that can be adjusted to different values when using or programming computers.

An attribute is a specification in computing that specifies a property of an object, element, or file. It can also refer to or set the value of a specific instance of such. Attributes should be regarded metadata rather than attributes for clarity. An attribute is a property of a property that is commonly and generally used.

  • characteristic is simple.
  • Composite attributes.
  • Single valued attributes.
  • characteristics with multiple values
  • Derived attributes.

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