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The listener is notified that the application will be shut off soon (shutdown of the Web server or removal of the application from the Web server). The database connection is closed by the listener before the application is shut down.

ContainerListener: This class listens for a ContainerEvent, which can happen when a user adds or removes an object from the interface. The user pushes, types, or releases a key, and the KeyListener listens for it. WindowListener: A WindowListener listens for WindowEvents, such as when a window is closed, activated, or deactivated.

The interfaces responsible for handling events are represented by the Event listener. Java includes a number of Event listener classes, but we'll focus on the ones that are most commonly used. Every event listener method takes a single argument in the form of an object that is a subclass of the EventObject class.

In Java, an event listener is a component that "listens" for an event, such as a mouse click or a key press, and then responds appropriately. The event object that defines the event must be attached to an event listener.

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