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Session tracking employs four different techniques:

  • Cookies. Form field with a hidden field.
  • HttpSession. URL Rewriting.

Session Tracking keeps track of a user's requests and their current condition. It's a system for storing information about individual users and recognising their requests when they connect to the web server. HTTP is a stateless protocol that treats each request to the server as a new one.

They can click on a link, add items to their shopping cart, or fill out forms; the information they submit is saved as a state and is accessible throughout the session. This improves the user experience while also ensuring that no personal information is sent to the server.

Explanation: History is not a tracking type for sessions. Session tracking technologies include cookies, URL rewriting, hidden form fields, and SSL sessions.

Because HTTP and Web Server are both stateless, the only method to preserve a session is for the server and client to exchange some unique information about the session (session id) in each request and response. We can provide a unique identification in request and response in a variety of methods.

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