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This chapter introduces the Expression Language (commonly known as the EL), which is a useful tool for allowing the presentation layer (web pages) to connect with the application logic (managed beans). Both JavaServer Faces and JavaServer Pages (JSP) technologies rely on the EL.

In JSP 2.0, the Expression Language (EL) was introduced. Its major goal is to make accessing data from bean attributes and implicit objects as simple as possible. Arithmetic, relational, and logical operators are all included in EL.

EL operators can be classified into two types:

  • Customer service operators
  • Technical support operators

For JSP pages provided with a descriptor from Servlet 2.3 or earlier, the default mode is to ignore EL expressions; this ensures backward compatibility.

The future of EL operators is in the hands of the younger generation. They are more tech savvy and have a better understanding of how they can help their business grow. This means that they are more likely to choose ELs over traditional call center operators.

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