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Webview and Webservices in Android

Web View and Web Services


In today's video our topic is web View and Web Services.

The term web generally refers to internet. Services could be referred to as a functionality to perform an operation in an application.

Web service is a standard for exchanging information between different parts of applications irrespective of language and platform. Web Services use HTTP protocol.

The web services are used in different languages like PHP, Java etc...

We need Web service in Android applications for mainly three reasons, first is to make client more lightweight, second is to re-use existing functionalities, and third is Remote DB hit made simple.

Application in which we will be using the web service would be treated as client and to which it will be interacting with will be treated as server.

While designing the web service we could also get significant benefits by reusing the existing functionalities by exposing them as web methods.

DB residing remotely can be hit from inside Android applications through web service calls. Making web service call from Android applications allow us to add functionality outside the scope of a DB like caching data, applying business rules over the data etc...


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