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HTTP - Get and Post Requests in Android

Http, Get, and Post Requests


In this video our topic is Http, Get and Post requests.

Http is the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is a request/response protocol based on the client/server based architecture where web browsers, robots and search engines etc... act like HTTP clients, and the Web server acts as a server.

Get Request is the request which is used with http. This request are usually used to get data from internet, where 'get' means 'download'.

Our Web browser always download HTML code of every browsing page, but not to the disc and into memory.

Another request is Post requests. This are usually used to post data to the internet, where 'post' means 'upload'. Upload does not always means (put a file on web from a disk).

Web browser contains two parts, Behaviour and Web Browser Engine.

Web browser contains two parts, Behaviour and Web Browser Engine. Behaviour is minor component of web browser, it contains GUI cover, browser extension, history, logger, other accessory browser elements. While Web browser engine is the main component of web browser. It performs GET/POST-requests, parsing, visualization, running JS etc...


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