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In today's video our topic is Android Interface Definition Language (AIDL).

A task of an Android application would automatically run on its own using AIDL. If you want to access some data from one application to another application, then we need to use Inter process communication like other platforms.

So to communicate between process or you can say between applications we need to implement AIDL in our Android application.

For example, if we want to click picture using our camera application and in the same application if we want the location of where the picture was clicked then we use location services in our application.

To enable the communication between one application with another application we use Inter Process Communication (IPC).

IPC helps an application to access the memory of another application. In Android IPC can be handled easily through AIDL.

Steps to implement IPC are to first create the .aidl file, then implement the interface and then expose the interface to clients.


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