About the tutorial

Google’s mobile operating system Android, has captured the major share of the mobile development market.

In this course we will walk you through important android concepts like wifi, telephony services, web services, camera, sensors, Bluetooth and multimedia. The course comprises of clear and competent content which will help develop simple applications from scratch. It is a step by step guide giving you the detailed knowledge of advanced Android topics like Sensors and Location based APIs.

Do take the quiz included in the course curriculum as it would help you track the knowledge learnt. We would also recommend that you do try out the examples on your own as it would help in better understanding of every topic being explained.

Who can take this course?

Developers who want to enrich their technical skills with advance android programming or students who want to upgrade their fundamental android programming knowledge can take this course.

If you want to become a professional android developer or want to create your own android applications then; you would definitely find this course beneficial. If you are not having hands on experience of Android programming fundamentals, then do complete our Android Tutorials for Beginners before you take this course.

Why to learn this course?

With the ever increasing demand of smart phones and internet usage in mobile phones, there has been considerable rise in the demand for highly skilled android developers. Few major IT Giants have always been in the lookout to hire android professionals and ready to pay higher for the right talent.

Google keeps rolling off its new updates for this highly preferred operating system and as such the demand is only expected to increase in the coming years. According to few reliable researches more than 1.5 million Android devices have been activated across the globe. So if you are looking for a career into android development or if you would like to make money working as a freelancer, you should find this course worth your time.


Knowledge of Basic Android

Course Curriculum

Services in Android
Services in Android 00:09:02
ADIL in Android 00:04:52
Services Example in Android 00:10:29
Adv Assignment of Services and Media Player 00:00:52
Adv Android Services Quiz Unlimited
Multimedia in Android 00:04:39
Android Videoviewclass and Media Controller Class 00:04:19
Creating Music Player in Android 00:08:50
Creating Video Player In Andorid 00:08:52
Location based map
Location based Services in Android 00:02:51
Location Manager, Providers and Geocoders 00:05:21
Map API Example in Android 00:06:47
Webview and Webservices in Android 00:07:03
HTTP – Get and Post Requests in Android 00:04:53
WebView in Android 00:04:17
Creating WebView Application 00:11:04
XML in Android 00:04:39
XML Example in Android 00:14:58
Json in Android 00:03:24
Introduction to Volley and Retrofit 00:02:12
Volley Example – Including Volley 00:06:31
Volley Example – Main Coding 00:14:17
Adv Android WebView Quiz Unlimited
Sensors in Android 00:10:33
Sensor Types in Android 00:07:49
Sensor example in Android 00:09:48
Adv Assignment of Sensor 00:01:43
Wi-Fi in Android 00:07:27
Wifi Example in Android 00:07:40
Adv Android Wi-Fi Quiz Unlimited
Telephony Services
Telephony Services in Android 00:07:57
Understanding Phone properties in Android 00:06:57
Messaging in Android 00:06:28
Creating a Call Application in Android 00:08:22
Creating SMS Application in Android 00:13:18
Adv Android Telephony Services Quiz Unlimited
Camera in Android 00:03:55
Understanding Camera API 00:05:11
Surface View and Media Recorder 00:05:47
Developing Camera Application 00:08:50
Adv Assignment of Camera Recording 00:00:41
Bluetooth in Android
Bluetooth in Android 00:02:45
Bluetooth Adapter in Android 00:04:09
Bluetooth Discoverable 00:05:16
Bonding with Bluetooth Devices in Android 00:08:01
Connecting as a Client 00:04:22
Developing a Bluetooth Application 00:13:14
Adv Assignment of Bluetooth 00:01:02

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