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By adding changeable elements to the rule parameter, you can create a dynamic URL. variable-name> is the name of the variable. It is supplied as a keyword parameter to the function that is connected with the rule.

Variables are a container for data that is stored in the memory of a computer. The data can be numbers, text, or other types of information. They are useful because they allow us to store and retrieve information from the memory so that we can use it again later. Filters are functions that you can use to modify or transform the data inside a variable.

Variables and filters are not the same thing. Variables are used to store data, while filters are used to manipulate data. Variables are used to store data, while filters are used to manipulate data.

A global variable in Python has a scope throughout the programme, which means that the value of a global variable is available throughout the programme unless shadowed. In other words, global variables are variables that are defined outside of a function.

Try Flask-DebugToolbar if you're performing a lot of debugging; it'll print all all the variables that were supplied to your template so you don't have to mess with print statements like this.

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