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Flask-SQLAlchemy is a Flask extension that adds SQLAlchemy support to your application. It seeks to make using SQLAlchemy with Flask easier by providing useful defaults and other utilities that make common tasks easier.

  • Installing the Virtual Environment. On Linux, install virtualenv.
  • Establish a Setting. In Linux and MacOS, create an environment.
  • Make the Environment Active. On Linux and MacOS, activate the environment.
  • Install Flask
  • Test the Development Environment..

The Python Package Manager, pip, is the simplest way to install. This programme is included in the Python standard distribution. We may obtain the latest available version of SQLAlchemy from and install it using the command above.

Flask-SQLAlchemy is a Flask plugin that seeks to make using SQLAlchemy with Flask as simple as possible by providing defaults and assistance for common tasks. Handling a database connection across the programme is one of the most requested aids.

By double-clicking the.msi file, you can install it. You can get the source code of SQLAlchemy from the SQLAlchemy Download Page and install it using the script after you've installed Python on your Windows PC. The plain-Python build was successful.

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