Course Content

  • HelloWorld

Course Content


  • Installing Flask.
  • Creating a Base Application.
  • Using HTML templates.
  • Setting up the Database.
  • Displaying All Posts.
  • Displaying a Single Post.
  • Modifying Posts.

Flask is a Python-based microweb framework.... Object-relational mappers, form validation, upload handling, different open authentication protocols, and other framework-related tools all have extensions. Pinterest and LinkedIn are two examples of applications that employ the Flask framework.

We can make practically any form of web application with Flask. Single-page applications, RESTful API-based applications, SAS applications, small to medium-sized websites, static websites, Microservices, and serverless apps are all possible.

Python makes it simple and quick to create applications. You can create your backend using APIs instead of reinventing the wheel. To create a simple GUI for your application, you can utilise simple libraries like ipywidgets or ipyvuetify.

A Web framework is a set of packages or modules that allow programmers to create Web apps (see WebApplications) or services without having to worry about low-level issues like protocols, sockets, or process/thread management.

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