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SQLite CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) operations using Kotlin, Android's official first-class programming language. It's pretty simple and similar to Java in terms of implementation. It is simple to implement and similar to Java.

SQLite tables and spreadsheet files are both database files, which store data in a structured format. The difference between them is that SQLite tables can be accessed by any programming language, while spreadsheet files can only be accessed using programs such as Excel.

There are four types of Read operations:

  • Read: This operation retrieves all records from one table.
  • Select: This operation retrieves records based on specific criteria and filters.
  • Update: This operation updates records in the database with new values or changes values already existing in the database.
  • Delete: This operation deletes records from the table specified by the user.

SQLite is a small, fast, and reliable database that is perfect for use on mobile devices. SQLite also supports read operations that allow you to query data from tables in your database.

The read operation in SQLite CRUD is used to find out the contents of a table, or the contents of a specific row in a table. The read operation is also known as SELECT, and it is one of the four basic operations that can be performed on an SQLite database.

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