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The sqlite3 command is used to create a new database in SQLite. sqlite3 DatabaseName is the syntax.

SQLite API provides many benefits to developers, such as:

  • SQLite API is easy to install and use
  • SQLite API is completely open source
  • SQLite API can be embedded into any kind of application
  • SQLite API does not require any additional libraries or modules to be linked with your project.

SQLite databases are most commonly used in mobile applications and websites to store data such as user preferences or website settings. They also offer some advantages over other types of databases such as MySQL, such as the ability to work offline, which can be useful for apps that need to function without an internet connection.

SQLite is a relational database that can be accessed through an API. The API provides a number of functions to create, read, update and delete table records. For example: CREATE TABLE users (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, username TEXT)

A database is a collection of tables that are organized into a logical structure. A table is a two-dimensional arrangement of data that is stored in rows and columns. Tables are used to store data for analysis.

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