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The Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI, pronounced whiskey or WIZ-ghee) is a simple calling convention that allows web servers to pass requests to Python-based web applications and frameworks.

./pip install -e./pip install -e./pi This instructs pip to look in the current directory for and install it in editable or development mode. If you modify the metadata about the project, such as its dependencies, you'll only need to re-install if you make changes to your local code.

All of the software components required by your project in order for it to perform as intended and avoid runtime issues are referred to as dependencies. PyPI (the Python Package Index) is a repository of Python packages that can assist you with everything from data processing to machine learning to web development and more.

Gather a list of all dependencies with the pipdeptree programme, generate a requirements.txt file containing a list of all dependencies, and then download them with the pip download command. The file contains a list of a package's dependencies.

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