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Logout is a function that is used to log out of a website. It is usually found in the navigation bar. Logout can be done by clicking on the logout button, which is usually found at the top of a website's navigation bar.

The logout view in Flask is a template that is used when the user logs out from the application.

We will first create a user table to store the user's information. The table should have the following columns: id, username, password and email. The id column is the primary key and it should be unique:

  • # Create a new migration file called "migrations/0001_initial" with the following content:
  • class Migration(migrations.Migration):
  • def change(self, orm):
  • """Add User Table"""
  • self.add_table('users', fields=['id', 'username', 'password', 'email'])
  • def migrate(self):
  • oracle_session =

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