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  • FlaskInstallation

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  • $ mkdir myproject $ cd myproject $ python3 -m venv venv. On Windows:
  • $ py -3 -m venv venv. If you needed to install virtualenv because you are using Python 2, use the following command instead:
  • $ python2 -m virtualenv venv
  • > \Python27\Scripts\virtualenv.exe venv:

Create and execute a simple Flask application# Create a new file named in your project folder in VS Code by selecting File > New from the menu, pressing Ctrl+N, or selecting the new file icon in the Explorer View (shown below). Add code to import Flask and construct a Flask object instance in

You can use one of the following techniques to determine the version of the flask package installed in a given environment. Python interpreter is being used. flask. version import flask. version import flask. version import flask —version is used from the command line. Using pip (if flask was installed using pip or easy install) search flask | pip freeze | grep flask | grep flask | grep flask | grep

Installing the Virtual Environment is the first step. On Linux, install virtualenv:

  • Establish a Setting. In Linux and MacOS, create an environment.
  • Make the Environment Active. On Linux and MacOS, activate the environment.
  • Install Flask.
  • Test the Development Environment.

  • Choose a Python version to install.
  • Install Python using the Python Executable Installer.
  • Start the Executable Installer programme.
  • Make sure Python is installed on your Windows computer.
  • Double-check Pip's installation.

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