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The cookie enables the server to recognise the user and get the user session from the session database, allowing the user session to be preserved. When the user signs off or quits the browser, the cookie-based session expires. Cookie-based session management is safe and performs better than other methods.

Session data is saved on the server, but a UID is saved in a cookie on the client. It enables the server to match a user to the appropriate session data.

Session is not dependent on Cookie, but Cookie is dependent on Session. A Cookie will expire after the time period you specify, whereas a Session will finish when the user shuts his or her browser. The maximum cookie size is 4KB, however you can keep as much data as you like in a session.

Cookies are client-side files that save user information on a local computer. User data is stored in sessions, which are server-side files. The lifetime of cookies is determined by the user. The session ends when the user closes the browser or logs out of the programme. It can only hold a certain quantity of data.

A session cookie is a file that a website server delivers to a browser with an identification (a string of letters and numbers) for temporary use during a set period of time. The file is erased when the browser is closed at the conclusion of a session. A transitory cookie is another name for a session cookie.

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