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App routing is a technique for mapping a certain URL to a function that is supposed to do a specific activity. It is used to navigate to a certain page in the online application, such as the Flask Tutorial.

App Routing is the process of mapping URLs to a specific function that will handle the URL's logic. To assist consumers remember URLs and make navigation easier, modern web frameworks utilise more meaningful URLs. We utilise the app to bind a function to a URL path. Decorator of routes.

All you have to do is use the /var> syntax (or the /converter:var> syntax if appropriate) to decorate your view functions. By default, when Flask extracts a variable from a URL for a dynamic route like the one you're trying to utilise, it'll be a Python unicode string.

Variable types that can be accepted by routes include:

  • string: Accepts any text that does not begin with a slash (the default).
  • integer: This type accepts integers.
  • float: Accepts decimal numbers with decimal points.
  • path: Similar to a string, but with the exception that it permits slashes.

To run Python code, use the python command line interface with the -c option. Then, using import flask, import the flask package, and output the Flask version, which is provided by the flask. __version__ variable. You've set up a virtual environment and installed Flask in the project folder.

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