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Use the following steps from a terminal to execute the programme outside of the VS Code debugger: Set a variable for FLASK APP in the environment. Use export set FLASK APP=webapp on Linux and macOS, and set FLASK APP=webapp on Windows. python -m flask run python -m flask run python -m flask run python -m flask run python -m flask run py

  • mkdir myproject. cd myproject.
  • pip install virtualenv. #Create virtualenv.
  • from flask import Flask. app = Flask(__name__)
  • #Tell the terminal what application to run.
  • #To install Flask-SQLAlchemy.
  • pip freeze requirements.txt.
  • pip install -r requirements.txt.
  • python3.

Debug mode is enabled by setting the FLASK ENV environment variable to 'development.' FLASK $ export FLASK FLASK ENV=development $ export FLASK ENV=development flask for a dollar Options for running: —version —help displays the flask version Display this message and then quit. Commands: routes Display the app's routes. run Create a development server and run it.

Setting up the virtual environment with Flask in Python 2.1. To set up the environment, we'll use virtualenv to create a virtual environment, and then use Python's PIP package manager to install Flask... 2.2 Flask Installation Let's install Flask now that our virtual environment is complete.

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