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The current module's name (__name__) is passed as an input to the Flask function Object() { [native code] }. The Flask class's route() function is a decorator that instructs the application which URL should be used to call the related function. The rule parameter represents the function's URL binding.

Flask provides tools, libraries, and technologies to help you create a web application. This web app will be a web page, a wiki, a large web-based calendar app, or a commercial website. Flask is classified as a micro-framework, which means it relies on external libraries very little.

  • Compatibility with the most recent technology is improved.
  • Experimentation with technology.
  • For simple circumstances, it's easier to utilise.
  • The codebase is relatively modest.
  • For simple apps, there is a lot of scalability.
  • It's simple to create a quick prototype.
  • Routing URLs is simple.
  • Applications are simple to create and manage.

core:app". FLASK APP="module:function()": "module:function()": "module:function()": "module: You can supply the name of your factory function instead of an application name if you utilise the application factory pattern in your application. To create the application, Flask will import the function and call it.

If you save it to a file and then execute the script, you'll receive something like this. Then navigate to the url provided and you'll see your first webpage, which will display hello world on your local server. Further investigation reveals that the route() decorator in Flask is used to link a URL to a function.

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