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The ASP.NET page framework employs view state to keep page and control data consistent between round trips. The current state of the page and values that must be maintained during postback are serialised into base64-encoded strings when the HTML markup for the page is rendered.

View State is a mechanism for preserving the page's and controls' values between round trips. It's a strategy for managing state at the page level. View State is enabled by default, and it serialises the data in every control on the page, whether or not it is utilised during a post-back.

The primary distinction between these two is that ViewState controls state at the client's end, making state management simple for end users, whereas SessionState manages state at the server's end, making content management simple as well.

The benefits of using view state theory are numerous. It helps in improving user engagement and conversion rates. It also reduces the bounce rate by minimizing the number of times users leave your website before reaching their desired destination.

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