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  • Design user controls: These include things like colors, fonts, and layout. They are all about how the website looks and feels to the user.
  • Functional user controls: These are about what a site does for its users. They include things like sign-up forms, login forms, and shopping carts. Web Forms comes with a rich set of built in controls to help you build your own custom user interface for your website. These controls provide a variety of functionality, but they are not always easy to use effectively and efficiently without understanding the basics of how they work and how they fit into the overall design of your application.

Add New Item, specify your File Name, then click Add to create a new UserControl in Solution Expolrer. The following screen will appear when you click the Add Button.
Create a User Control by following these steps:

  • First, launch Visual Studio.
  • Select ASP.NET Webform Application from the "File" -> "New" -> "Project..." menu.
  • Add a new online form to your website.

A UserControl is used to bundle a group of controls into a single, reusable component. They can't be styled or used as a template. A Custom Control is used to extend an existing control or to develop a completely new control.

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