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In ASP.Net, code sections are declared with<% %> tags and serve as a place to write and execute scripts or expressions without affecting the rest of the website.

ASP.Net is a popular web development platform and it is used to create websites and web applications. There are many types of code sections that can be used in the ASP.Net framework.

The code section of an ASP.Net web page contains all the code that will be run when a visitor requests it. This includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and any other programming language that is used to create a website or application. The layout section contains information about how the content should look on screen and what sections should be displayed on each tab or window in your browser window.

Because we don't have to write the same code in every page, ASP.NET MVC provides a Layout view that comprises these common UI components. The layout view uses the same. cshtml or. vbhtml extension as the other views. Layout views must be saved in the Shared folder because they are shared by numerous views.

Page layouts are very useful when you are building a new website or redesigning an existing one. It will also save time when you need to make changes on the fly without having to worry about the layout being broken or having to do too much coding work.

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