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Server side ASP.Net allows us to use the power of ASP.Net and its framework to create web applications that can be accessed by clients from any device with an internet connection.

In ASP.Net, there are three types of servers:

  • Web Server: This is a server that is used to host websites.
  • Application Server: This is a server that executes web applications and services.
  • Database Server: This is a server that hosts databases and stores data.

Server side programming has many benefits over client-side programming. For example, when using server-side programming, users can use a single program and share it with other users. This allows for an easier development process because there are fewer steps to go through before someone can use the program.

ASP.Net is a platform used to create web applications in C#. It is an open-source platform that runs on Microsoft Windows and a number of other operating systems. The server side in ASP.Net is the part of the system that processes requests from users, sends data back to them, and keeps track of all the information on the website.

Server side in ASP.Net is a programming language that can be used to create web applications. It's a server-side scripting language which means that the server executes the script and the client gets the output.

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