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Data binding is a process in which you bind data to the view. This process is done by using an event handler. When the event handler is fired, the data from the source is bound to the view.

Data binding is a process that lets you bind your data to your views. It allows the data to be displayed in a more interactive way and enables the user to explore it in a much better way.

The different types of data binding include:

  • DataBinding: Binds data from a source object directly into an HTML element on the page using string concatenation and JavaScript calls.
  • DataSourceBinding: Binds data from a source object into an HTML element on the page using string concatenation, JavaScript calls, and jQuery Ajax calls.

Data binding is a programming technique that connects the data in the model to the UI controls, or view, and vice versa. Data binding can be used to bind any two types of data together, including primitive types such as integers and strings and more complex objects such as classes.

The process of establishing a connection between the app's UI and the data it shows is known as data binding. When the data changes its value, the elements that are tied to the data automatically reflect the changes if the binding has the necessary settings and the data delivers the proper notifications.

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