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The server does not process HTML controls such as header tags, anchor tags, and input elements; instead, they are delivered to the browser for display. They are specially changed to a server control by adding the runat="server" element and an id attribute, allowing them to be processed on the server.

Controls for text input:

  • They're made with the HTML <input> tag. Password input controls are also single-line text inputs, but they hide the character as soon as the user types it in. They're also made with the HTMl <input> tag.
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HTML controls are a form of markup that is used to create interactive web pages. They are often used in web design and they enable developers to create dynamic web pages with easy-to-use interface.

HTML Control Theory is a theory that determines how an HTML document should be structured in order to control the visibility of content.

Document structure: This category includes the document's head, body, and footer. Event-driven: This category includes events like button click and mouse movement. Active content: This category includes active content such as Javascript, CSS, or SVG.

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