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The Interval attribute of the Timer Control can be configured in milliseconds (1 second is equal to 1000 milliseconds). For example, if we want to establish a two-minute interval, we may set the Interval property to 120000, which is 120x1000.

The ASP.NET timer is a simple and effective tool for measuring how long an operation takes. It helps in determining the amount of time that an operation may take to complete.


  • A timer is a class that can be used to stop the execution of a given method after a specified duration has elapsed. It also provides the ability to restart the method at any time before the end of the duration by invoking its Restart() method. A timer also provides an event that can be subscribed on to receive notifications when the timer expires or restarts.

elapsed time:

  • This type of timer is similar to a countdown timer that shows how much time has elapsed since some point in time (the start of execution). It also provides an event that can be subscribed on to receive notifications when it expires or restarts.

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