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PreInit, Init, InitComplete, OnPreLoad, Load, PostBack, LoadComplete, OnPreRender, OnSaveStateComplete, Render, and UnLoad are all events in the ASP.NET Page Life Cycle.

ASP.Net is a web application framework by Microsoft. It has evolved into a platform that provides the building blocks for web applications, and it is used by millions of developers worldwide.

Development Stage: This is where the application is created and built. Deployment Stage: The application is deployed to a live server or to a development server for testing purposes. Operation Stage: The application runs on the live server or test server.

In ASP.Net, directives are used to provide a layer of abstraction for your application. They allow you to separate the logic from the presentation and create reusable components that can be reused in other parts of your application.

Directives are often used in storytelling as they allow you to place your audience into the story. They let the audience know that they can take part in the story and make it their own. Directives also help with creating an emotional connection between the reader and the protagonist of your story.

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