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Services are JavaScript functions that are only responsible for completing certain tasks. This distinguishes them as distinct things that may be maintained and tested. They can be called by the controllers and filters based on their needs. AngularJS' dependency injection method is typically used to inject services.

The Module's Factory API is the most frequent approach to establish a service. We construct an object, add properties to it, then return the same object using the factory function. It can then be injected into components such as controllers, services, filters, and directives. The following is the general Factory service syntax.

Simply put, Angular services allow you to specify code or capabilities that are then available and reused in a variety of other Angular components. Services aid in the abstraction of logic and data that is housed separately yet may be shared across multiple components.

In AngularJS, a service is a crucial component of an application. We can share data and behaviour with other objects, such as Controller, via a service. In AngularJS, services are singletons.

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