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The flow of data in an AngularJS application is mostly controlled through controllers. The ng-controller directive is used to define a controller. A JavaScript object with attributes/properties and functions is known as a controller.

The controller in AngularJS is a JavaScript function that uses the $scope object to keep track of the application's data and behaviour. Within a controller function, you can add/update data and attach behaviours to HTML elements by attaching attributes and methods to the $scope object.

The parent element's $scope is referenced via $scope.$parent. For example, div ng-controller="parentController"> if you have an element with a controller nested within another element with its own controller.

$parent (i.e. $scope. $parent) is an Angular scope variable that refers to a controller's parent scope. The parent of a controller at the root of an application is the root scope ($rootScope). Because child controllers have access to the parent scope, they can change it.

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