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ng-dirty A change has been made to the field. ng-valid The data in the field is correct. ng-invalid The content of the field is invalid. ng-valid-key Each validation has its own key.

The key difference between them is that ng-dirty indicates that the input field has been edited by the user, whereas ng-pristine indicates that the field has not been modified by the user. Let's try if we can clear everything up with the help of a little example.

The ng-pristine class indicates that the form has not been altered by the user. If the user hasn't changed the form, this returns true. Type of return: Return a Boolean value True if the user hasn't changed the form/input field; otherwise, False.

Client-side form validation is provided by AngularJS. It monitors the state of the form and input fields (input, textarea, select) and allows you to notify the user. It also keeps track of whether or not the input fields have been tampered with or changed.

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