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AngularJS built-in services are $timeout and $interval. $timeout is a service that allows you to schedule code to run at a specific time or after a given interval. For example, you can set up an event to fire every 5 seconds and watch for changes in the DOM.

Some of the services that are built-in to AngularJS are:

  • Angular Material - A library of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML components to create applications with a dynamic interface.
  • NgRx Store - A state management service that helps you manage your application data with ease.
  • NgRx Effects - An effects library for animations and transitions in your application.
  • Angular CLI - The Command Line Interface lets you quickly build, test, and deploy new projects with the help of CLI commands.
  • RxJS 5 is a library of reactive extensions for JavaScript which allow developers to quickly build engaging, interactive apps.

  • A $timeout is a period of time that the server will wait for a request to complete before returning an error.
  • A $interval is a period of time that the server will wait for more requests to complete before returning an error.

Some of the advantages of using inbuilt services are:

  • they are easy to use and don't require any additional software or apps to operate
  • they can be used without any training and are available 24/7
  • they can provide valuable insights that might be difficult to extract from data, especially when it comes to customer behavior
  • they reduce the need for manual data entry, which reduces costs

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