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In sales, a price list is a document that lists the prices of products and services offered by a company. A price list is usually organized with a category on the left and items listed in order on the right. Price levels are also important to understand price list as sometimes, an item may have different prices depending on where it's being sold or bought from. The price list is usually formatted as a column header with price, number of items, unit price, and total cost on the left side. In a tally, items can be divided into different levels or classes that represent certain values in your business. For example: 1 = Lowest Price 2 = Middle Price 3 = Highest Price 4 = Absolute or Discounted Price

Tally is a software that helps customers track their digital purchases. It has a feature that lets customers group their purchases according to price level. The multiple price level in tally is applicable for customers who have made similar purchase decisions in the past. This feature helps customers choose which items to buy or not depending on how much they are willing to spend. In short, it is a set of different prices for products or services offered by a company. This means that users can choose from various plans but pay for one particular plan rather than going through all of them at once.

When tally is used to record the expenses of a day, it can be applied to any event or activity that requires an accounting of what was spent. Tallying up the expenses of a day is easy with tally. Price levels are used by accountants for tallying up the cost of goods sold, inventories, and other transactions where there are many items which have different prices. Every price level has a specific name and code assigned to it.

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