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Tally is a software used for inventory management in the business. This tool helps the company owners to manage their inventory in an effective way. It also helps them to achieve the pre close order objective in a more efficient way. Pre close order can be set with Tally based on different parameters like inventory item quantity per warehouse, number of warehouses, etc. Pre close order is not mandatory for every company, but it can be used when you want to deal with stock in an effective manner. Tally is a software used by companies to manage their inventory efficiently. It’s one of the most popular tools among businesses worldwide because it offers automation with various features that help them save time and money on managing their stock efficiently.

Delete pre close order in Tally is an order type that removes the orders for which the trade has not yet closed. When using delete pre close order in Tally, you can specify the symbol and the amount of contracts to delete. The orders are deleted only if they are still within your permitted open orders. To create a delete pre close order, go to Settings > Orders > Delete Pre Close Order.

Pre close order is a process in which a customer makes a purchase and the vendor pre-completes the transaction. The customers don't have to fill out a form or ask for any information, which saves them from being interrupted by any other salesperson. One of the most common pre close order use cases is when you're buying something from an online website, such as Amazon or eBay. Basically, it's used to buy products that are sold by one merchant who has partnered with another merchant who will be fulfilling that particular order once it's been made. When customers make purchases using pre close orders, they know exactly what their total cost will be without having to enter their payment details or wait for a confirmation email from the seller. This helps them save time and effort.

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