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The Tally is a software that helps companies to keep track of their inventory and sales. It also helps companies to get the actual and billed Qty in just a few clicks. Many people these days are using the Tally software to get the actual and billed quantity in just a few clicks. This has made it easier for people with small businesses to calculate their sales accurately without having extra work hours. Have you been wondering how get the actual and billed quantity in your Tally? Here’s a quick guide on how it works: 1) Create a new invoice 2) Change the status from ‘unbilled’ to ‘in progress’ 3) Once you have processed an order, change the status from ‘in progress’

This paper discusses the concept of price discount and how it is treated in Tally. As an accounting software, Tally needs to think about how to account for such discounts in such a way that the profit and loss numbers are not affected. Discounts can be classified as either promotional or non-promotional. Promotional discounts reduce the average price paid for a good or service and non-promotional discounts increase the average price paid for a good or service. Promotional discount allows sellers to increase their profit by reducing their cost which is achieved by increasing revenue while non-promotional discount allows sellers to decrease their cost without affecting revenue. A discount has the following characteristics, - It always decreases revenue - It always increases cost - The effect on the revenue will be different depending on the discount percentage - A discount is most effective when it is offered at a certain time of purchase

A discount is allowed in Tally when the cost of the item is higher than its selling price. The under of discount can be determined by using a formula that takes into account the cost of the product, sales price, and total amount of time that you’ve had it listed for sale. The under of discount can also be calculated by subtracting your gross income from your total income after your expenses are paid for.

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