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POS invoicing in Tally is a feature that enables vendors to view and pay for the goods they have purchased using their credit or debit card. With this feature, Tally can also calculate and collect taxes on transactions. Invoicing is a standard method of tracking sales and purchases by providing the customer with an itemized bill . It is often used for inventory control, customer billing , or to provide reimbursement.

A POS register can be a receiving counter where cash or coins are received from customers. In this Tutorial, we will discuss how to use the Tally POS register. Some businesses use a POS register to generate sales numbers and an invoice for their clients. It is helpful for small retailers as well as large retailers. If you have a store that sells products, this will also help you track your inventory and sales figures. The process of generating a sales number is simple: enter the amount of money/coins that was received from customers. Upon entering an amount, the register automatically creates a new Tally account with all the relevant information regarding the transaction – the date and time it occurred as well as all other necessary details such as customer’s name and number, product purchased, etc.

POS configuration is a set of parameters that define how a point-of-sale system is built. It includes the location of terminals, inventory management, and other factors that are related to the business's goals. POS configuration can be done in many ways, but most stores opt for the least expensive solution that meets their needs. Some of these solutions include: Accepting cards or cash—only cards with chip readers are accepted; only debit transactions are allowed; all transactions must be processed through an ATM machine; no card swiping machines are needed Using multiple card types—a single computer accepts both credit and debit cards but charges different rates for each type, or credit and debit cards can be accepted together but only at one terminal at a time.

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